Thursday, October 23, 2014

One more day!

What day is it???   Shew, whee! 

Yesterday we had the all-important appoinment at the U.S. consulate.  It's the very last hoop we have to jump through as today we'll receive her visa into the United States *insert hallelujah chorus*.   The moment we land in Detroit tomorrow,  Emmajane Rose Rice will officially be a U.S. Citizen!   Outside of the consulate, swarms of Chinese folks stood in line waiting for a chance to obtain a visa into the United States.   It was such a proud moment and great privilege to have  VIP access as we zipped straight to the front of the line - in the special American citizen-only lane.

Check out the building behind her!
We also had the opportunity to get a photo with our entire travel group.  These folks ROCK!
Travel Group 2136, 2137 and 2138

Yesterday also happened to be Joe's birthday.  Our sweet guides suprised him with a cake delivered to the room and we celebrated the evening with a bunch of folks from our travel group at a local Mexican restaurant which was a nice change.    Totally burned out of Chinese food- need a big garden salad, lasagna and sweet tea!  Emmajane topped the evening off dancing with some of her new friends.   
Happy Birthday, Joe!

Dancing with her friend, Brady

Today, we are just killing time waiting for her visa to arrive at the hotel.  Joe and I are fighting an upper respiratory infection going on from all the stress and pollution and started antibiotics (yuck!). Please, please pray for the Lord's healing touch.  Traveling 24 hours+ a 5-year-old + insane jetlag is physically and emotionally exhausting and we need to be as healthy as possible.  Next post will be from Kentucky, thank you Jesus!

Speaking of our arrival home, Emmajane is very different from her brother.  Unlike Liam, she's terrified of strangers and will crawl way back into her shell when she's around people she's never met.   To reinforce bonding and adjust her to her new home,  only Mama and Baba can provide her needs right now.   As much as you may want scoop her up and squeeze those gorgeous little round cheeks, we know we can't do that until she figures out who her family is and becomes more comfortable.   However, I could sure use the hugs so bring it on!   It's sure to be a tearful reunion as a family of 6.  I can't wait to set eyes on those 3 love pickles waiting on us.    I can feel their sweet arms around my neck already!

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